Early Education and Lifelong Learning

A Developing Brain

Our brains change quickly during early childhood. According to this article from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University, “in the first few years of life, more than 1 million new neural connections are formed every second.” These connections lay the foundation for lifelong learning. Furthermore, they are influenced by our experiences, creating a compelling argument for the importance of early childhood education.

In the earliest stages, children learn to bring order to their world. The right environment can either hinder or help this learning. At Council Oak Montessori School our teachers are trained to provide the right guidance for each age group, helping them to achieve their potential. Teachers give students developmentally appropriate tasks and teach skills which prepare them for life down the road.

Whether your child is learning addition or still learning to tie their shoelaces, their environment helps them to build confidence, concentration, and collaboration. Uninterrupted 3-hour work cycles give students the freedom to manage their own schedules. At Council Oak Montessori School our teachers and mixed-age classrooms teach students to be comfortable asking for help, and the respectful way to do so.

A Foundation of Lifelong Learning

During a normal school year Council Oak Montessori School hosts weekly classroom observations. Visitors frequently comment on the sense of orderliness they see in the classroom. They notice students working with great concentration, but moving freely through the classroom. They see socialization, but not an amount that disturbs anyone.

Sometimes children disagree. Generally, they handle these disagreements respectfully among themselves. If the teacher needs to step in, they guide the students through conflict resolution, helping students learn these skills themselves.

With careful planning on the part of teachers and staff, students learn life skills alongside those such as math, language, geography, and science. It takes a lot of structure to provide this level of freedom to students in the classroom, but we believe in the importance of doing so.

At Council Oak Montessori School our role extends beyond teaching specific topics and into increasing the student’s overall potential. The early years of education form the foundation for learning that will stay with each child for a lifetime. Teachers of our older students have an important job as well, but it is in the younger years that we lay the foundation for lifelong learning.

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