Celebrating Our Graduates

This spring of 2020 Council Oak Montessori School celebrates 4 young individuals who have called Council Oak their school home and contributed to the school’s community for many years. We have observed with awe and pride as they grew into themselves as kind, caring, creative, and capable adolescents. Angelo Castenada, Antron Purnell, Justin Burwell, and Mariam Muhammad, are moving onto the next stages of their education and their lives.

Though their accomplishments are many – from demonstrating academic excellence to sincere stewardship of the environment, from their air of grace and courtesy to the wherewithal to face a challenge, perhaps their biggest accomplishment is the respect they have garnered from every member of their community. Whether it be from a three year old student or the classroom teacher or the Head of School – our four graduates have earned our deepest respect. We know that these students will go out into the world, taking with them a confidence, a sincerity and sensibility that will help transform the 21st century.   

We are honored to count them as part of our alumnus.

This fall, Mariam will attend Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences (Ag School), Angelo and Justin will attend De La Salle Institute, and Antron will attend Marian Catholic High School. 

 “Let your journey begin. Go forth, sowing dreams for all the world.”

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