Online Classes: COMS rises to challenge

School in the time of coronavirus has become a topic of major discussion- and for good reason! Online classes, in-person school, hybrid models, and even terms such as “micro school” are circulating the media. It can be difficult to know which to pick.

Families who work need somewhere to send their children during the day. They also need to feel comfortable that their children will be as safe from the global pandemic as possible. Council Oak Montessori School has spent the last six months learning about the pandemic and best practices for returning to in-person learning. We plan to be open for in-person learning this fall. Using our large space, both indoor and outdoor, coupled with a small student body we feel confident in our ability to support the health and safety of students and staff while continuing our Montessori program. We also understand that not everyone is comfortable sending their children to school in the fall.

Simultaneous Online Classes

In addition to in person learning, Council Oak Montessori School will offer a simultaneous option for online classes. These classes would feature packets of learning materials to be picked up every other week in conjunction with Seesaw lessons Monday through Friday. Families and students will also enjoy weekly meetings with our online program coordinator.

Running simultaneous programs has the added benefit of maintaining an online learning infrastructure should pandemic conditions become exacerbated. Students enrolled in online classes also have a path towards enrollment for our in-person learning program should conditions become more favorable.

Our mission is to “nurture the whole child to bring about a better world”. This means a focus both on safety from the virus, as well as creating an environment where students feel comfortable to express themselves and to exercise their curiosity. We seek to create an environment where children can continue to grow and learn joyfully.

To learn more about online classes at Council Oak Montessori School, see our article in the Beverly Review!

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