John Enright

H.S. Morgan Park Academy, 2000
B.S. Aerospace Engineering, UIUC, 2004
Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering, UCLA, 2008

John J Enright Professional Website

Research Scientist, Kiva Systems Woburn, MA

“The teachers at Council Oak encouraged us to pursue the work we were drawn to and cultivated a relationship of mutual respect, so they rarely had to tell us what to do, since we wanted to please them. We didn’t see school work as a daily burden, but as a daily fulfilling activity. I felt pride in my work and excitement at the prospect of progress. I’ve always been a very visual thinker. I’d imagine objects in motion bouncing off one another, or relationships of geometric objects fitting together. I wouldn’t close my eyes, I’d just kind of stare off and out of focus, gauging the problems and wrapping my mind around them. Much to my content, the teachers at Council Oak recognized these sessions as something other than idleness, and let me be. Traditional schooling doesn’t allow for this kind of unstructured time for unstructured thinking.”