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The Montessori Mafia

It may seem like a laughable “only in New York” story that Manhattan mother, Nicole Imprescia, is suing her 4-year-old daughter’s untraditional private preschool for failing to prepare her for a private school admissions exam. But her daughter’s future and ours might be much brighter with a little less conditioning to perform well on tests […]

Montessori Builds Innovators

Andrew McAfee JULY 25, 2011 There are strident disagreements these days over every aspect of American educational policy, except for one. Everyone thinks it would be great if we could better teach students how to innovate. So shouldn’t we be paying a great deal of attention to the educational method that produced, among others, Larry […]

Why Montessori is the best approach for your child

In the video at the following link, neuropsychologist Steven Hughes explains why the Montessori Method is not simply a good alternative, but the best possible approach for your child  according to all the strongest evidence of modern research: Montessori in the Elementary Years