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Observations and Discoveries

Chapter 19: Observations and Discoveries In this installation of our monthly blog, we reach the stage of The Secret of Childhood where Dr. Montessori details the creation of her educational method. As you’ll see this developed through a series of observations and discoveries. Following the scientific method, Dr. Montessori would carefully observe the children and […]

Online Classes: COMS rises to challenge

School in the time of coronavirus has become a topic of major discussion- and for good reason! Online classes, in-person school, hybrid models, and even terms such as “micro school” are circulating the media. It can be difficult to know which to pick. Families who work need somewhere to send their children during the day. […]

Part 2: Education of the Child

We have finally reached part 2. At this point in the book it feels like we are really reaching the “good stuff”. After many chapters outlining the way a child’s mind works, we are now at the section where Dr. Montessori talks about her experience with the education of the child. In Part 1 we […]

June Blog: The Intelligence of Love

It has been a few months since I last wrote a blog. Not only were we coming to the end of Part 1 in “The Secret of Childhood”, but you may have noticed a couple large events that took place since February. I am happy to announce that Council Oak Montessori School has successfully navigated […]

Early Education and Lifelong Learning

A Developing Brain Our brains change quickly during early childhood. According to this article from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University, “in the first few years of life, more than 1 million new neural connections are formed every second.” These connections lay the foundation for lifelong learning. Furthermore, they are influenced by […]


Cultivate Community

In our transition to remote schooling, Council Oak is maintaining its focus on community. Not only does this help to keep us feeling good, but it also increases intrinsic motivation for schoolwork. Learning becomes more rewarding when you are doing it with your friends. So how do we continue to cultivate community while we’re socially […]

Practical Life Aids the Mathematical Mind

Practical Life Aids the Mathematical Mind I am a mom of 2 children, and a Montessori Guide from Council Oak Montessori School. Since completing my AMI Montessori training in 2009, I have been teaching for close to a decade in the 3-6 year old classroom and trying my best to create a Montessori environment at […]

Council Oak Montessori School is taking big steps to shorten the gap between home and school.

At 8:30 AM on March 30th, 2020 Council Oak Montessori School returned to their classrooms – virtually. Once the decision to close school due to COVID-19 concerns was made, and shortly thereafter mandated by the Governor of Illinois, Council Oak Montessori School’s (COMS) administration put into place immediate steps to prepare for online schooling. “This […]

How Montessori Prepares Students to Adapt

Introduction For this month’s blog I will take a break from The Secret of Childhood. For one, we have covered all, but the final 2 chapters of Part 1, marking a natural stopping point. However, the main reason for the shift is to write something topical. If you have read our alumni interviews, then you […]

Montessori for Life: with Kurt Shelby

COMS Alumnus, Kurt Shelby talks about his transition from Montessori to traditional schooling and his career in music. After reading about Kurt’s experience transitioning from Montessori, enjoy listening to this recent release from his group Mxmrys and the album Shades of Us which he performs on. Keep an eye out for more to come! Since […]