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Montessori for Life: with Kurt Shelby

COMS Alumnus, Kurt Shelby talks about his transition from Montessori to traditional schooling and his career in music. After reading about Kurt’s experience transitioning from Montessori, enjoy listening to this recent release from his group Mxmrys and the album Shades of Us which he performs on. Keep an eye out for more to come! Since […]

Council Oak Montessori class prepares 100 lunches for the community.

Council Oak Montessori School Class prepares 100 lunches to feed local families with Pro Labore Dei Friday, February 7th, Council Oak Montessori School’s Upper Elementary class prepares 100 lunches for families in Blue Island and Robbins. Community is important to the students at Council Oak Montessori School. From a young age they have opportunities to […]

Rhythm and Movement: Chapters 13-15

Chapter 13: Rhythm We mostly think of rhythm in terms of music, dance and drums. Although music education is a large part of Council Oak Montessori School’s curriculum, the Montessori sense of rhythm goes deeper. It is one of those Secrets of Childhood which give us insight into developing a child’s self-control. “Rhythm is not […]

Montessori for Life

Stephen Cobb (Graduated 2003) Tell us a little about your life after Montessori at Council Oak Montessori School (COMS) My life after Montessori has brought success in various schools and a career helping others. I attended Luther High School South and decided to explore out of state for higher education. I attended Langston University where […]

Chapters 7-9: Sensitive Periods

Chapter 7: Psychic Development It is strange sometimes to watch an infant at play. They seem fascinated by seemingly trivial things. It is easy to write these interests off, but if we would like to understand and assist their growth, it is important to pay attention. Dr. Maria Montessori observed children for this purpose and […]

Chapters 4-6: The Spiritual Embryo

Chapter 4: The Newborn Child To newborn children, all the world is strange and magnificent. They undergo the enormous task of adapting themselves to this environment. Dr. Montessori was in awe of this. She believed that newborn children must be handled gently to nurture that effort. Children aren’t born into a natural environment, amidst trees […]

Chapters 1-3: The Era of the Child

Chapter 1: The Era of the Child Maria Montessori’s book The Secret of Childhood was published in 1936. She begins by talking about “the progress made in recent years in the care and education of children.” As far back as the 1890’s, new medicine and science shed light on the personalities of children. Studying children […]