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Chapters 7-9: Sensitive Periods

Chapter 7: Psychic Development It is strange sometimes to watch an infant at play. They seem fascinated by seemingly trivial things. It is easy to write these interests off, but if we would like to understand and assist their growth, it is important to pay attention. Dr. Maria Montessori observed children for this purpose and […]

Chapters 4-6: The Spiritual Embryo

Chapter 4: The Newborn Child To newborn children, all the world is strange and magnificent. They undergo the enormous task of adapting themselves to this environment. Dr. Montessori was in awe of this. She believed that newborn children must be handled gently to nurture that effort. Children aren’t born into a natural environment, amidst trees […]

Chapters 1-3: The Era of the Child

Chapter 1: The Era of the Child Maria Montessori’s book The Secret of Childhood was published in 1936. She begins by talking about “the progress made in recent years in the care and education of children.” As far back as the 1890’s, new medicine and science shed light on the personalities of children. Studying children […]

How Montessori Sparks Children’s Creativity and Learning

Every education system is designed to facilitate learning. However, Montessori stands out in its pursuit of inspiration, giving children the skills and passion necessary for deep learning. Students go beyond typical memorization to develop the strengths they will use to creatively investigate their environments throughout their lives. The World as Background Of course, children in […]

How Students Benefit From Maria Montessori’s Teachings

Parents have many questions when it comes to Montessori schools: What makes an educational reformer from early 20th-century Italy relevant here and now? Why have Maria Montessori’s teachings spread throughout the world and benefited so many students? To answer these questions, we need to ask a few others. Who was Maria Montessori? What were the […]

Learning Empathy in the Montessori Classroom

A respect for empathy lies at the heart of the Montessori classroom. It all started more than 100 years ago in Rome with Maria Montessori’s inclusive and innovative approach to education. Her principles have been developed over the history of the teaching method, but the core idea is still the same: The understanding of others’ […]

Pre School vs. Montessori: The Best School for Your Toddler

Montessori primary education is about setting a strong foundation. It’s a hands-on application of a simple idea: What students do in the pre-school and kindergarten years will set the tone for their entire academic career and beyond. We hope your child can join other excited, motivated learners to explore this important transition in their intellectual […]

How Parents Can Ensure a Successful Transition to Montessori Elementary

Montessori schooling is a brilliant investment in your child’s well-being and future. With a great approach to nurturing and educating children, Montessori schooling is a favorite amongst new parents. At the age of 6, your child is most likely going to begin Montessori Elementary. Bright-eyed, eager and with their backpack on, your child may be […]