Country Club Hills, IL Montessori School


The Montessori Method of teaching was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, a Nobel Prize-nominee in the early 1900s. The method focuses on child-centric education, driven by activities that are led by students themselves. The classrooms are made of children of various ages who are supervised and taught by the same teacher for several years.

The teaching strategy is based on the concept children can maximize their learning experience if they can learn at their own pace. Some of the things that can make a typical Montessori classroom unique include:
Students are the core focus, rather than deadlines and curriculums. Besides their educational development, this also includes their social and emotional development;

  • The grading system is non-traditional, so no child feels left out or a pariah
  • Teachers move from one circle of students to the next, rather than stand at the front of the class beside a chalkboard and
  • Children can choose what they want to do from different activity stations around the classroom

The idea behind the Montessori schooling system is children can learn efficiently if they are allowed a say-so in their education and development. The benefits are long-lasting and ensure they can become confident enough to tackle challenges, without getting overwhelmed.


Council Oak Montessori stands apart from other schools in Country Club Hills. The school combines preschool and kindergarten to encourage older children to mentor their younger peers. Over the course of three years, children transition to abstract content with the ability to focus on abstract concepts as they progress. Also, they are also organized and are taught to track their progress on their own. Call today at (708) 926-9720 to see how Montessori can benefit your child.

Council Oak Montessori School