Montessori for Life

Stephen Cobb (Graduated 2003)

Tell us a little about your life after Montessori at Council Oak Montessori School (COMS)

My life after Montessori has brought success in various schools and a career helping others. I attended Luther High School South and decided to explore out of state for higher education. I attended Langston University where I graduated Cum Laude with a B.A. in Sociology. Afterwards, I attended the University of Central Oklahoma to pursue a Master’s degree in political science with a concentration in international relations.

Although that degree is currently incomplete, I am still interested in the subject and plan to complete it soon. I currently live in Oklahoma and work as a Behavioral Health Case Manager on the Mobile Crisis Team at Red Rock Behavioral Health Services.

Life after Montessori has been filled with opportunities and challenges, but Council Oak’s faculty and staff gave me the confidence I needed to meet them successfully.

What does Montessori mean to you?

There are many words that come to mind when I think of Montessori: words like opportunity, support, growth, and success. Being exposed to the Montessori approach to education provides an opportunity to advance in your future, education, and career. It instills key critical and creative thinking skills, as well as problem solving skills. I believe that by mastering these skills, students become unstoppable on the road to success.

What was your experience with education outside of Council Oak Montessori School?

Before I was exposed to the Montessori method, I was disengaged from school. I felt hopeless and invisible. I was drowning in an educational system that did not fit my needs. Mathematics, in particular, felt like a lead ball on my leg as I tried to tread water in the public school system. My teachers at COMS were patient and supportive. They filled me with hope.

Although I only spent 3 years at COMS, I grew and blossomed in many ways. I was a brittle withering sapling before COMS. After only three years of support and nurturing from COMS faculty and staff, I entered higher education with the confidence a mighty oak!

What would you tell someone who’s thinking about sending their kids to Council Oak?

COMS, and Montessori in general, greatly helps students with their academics. More importantly, it creates well rounded and open minded citizens. Students become productive members of society through their early exposure to practical life development. 

I have developed attention to detail, fiscal responsibility, fortitude, cultural awareness, and the ability to prioritize. These skills have all helped me with higher education, interviews, and employment endeavors. I cannot say thank you enough to my mother for enrolling me in COMS. I will forever be a strong supporter of Council Oak Montessori School and the Montessori method.

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