Butler – Del Rio

Two of my children have been attending Council Oak Montessori since Children’s House.  Both starting at around age 4, they are now ages 10 and 13.  Council Oak Montessori School is more than just a center for education, it is our children’s home away from home.  The love and devotion for the entire staff along with the dedication from the parents forms a community unlike one I’ve ever experienced before in a school setting. Personally, professionally and educationally, we have been through so much as a family during these years. We could always count on COMS to support us while continuing to ensure our children have the educational foundations along with the most important foundations so badly needed in this world: patience, understanding, empathy and responsibility. Educationally, our children learn both at their own paces and using their own methods guided by Montessori principles.  What works for one of our children doesn’t work for the other, but COMS adapts to each and they are thriving as a result. We do believe, if in a different educational setting, they would not fare as well. Maria Montessori tells us that in order “to assist a child we must provide him with an environment which will enable him to develop freely.”  My Husband and I truly believe that Council Oak Montessori school is the environment our children need and should continue to be involved in. We LOVE COMS!