C & J Nettles

For three years Council Oak has been a tremendous partner in our child’s education and development!

What a weighty decision; Who do I trust to help educate, socialize and nurture my child for 30+ hours a week?  Council Oak is about more than just science, geography, reading, writing, English, math, etc.  In this community the whole child is cared for.  They encourage critical thinking – it’s ok to ask why. They encourage the concept of community – your actions affect others. They encourage creative problem solving – you will remember the solution more readily if you figure it out on your own.  They encourage peer to peer learning – I too am a teacher, even as a child!  Academic excellence and nurturing the whole child are not mutually exclusive and can be found at Council Oak Montessori School. We are raising our children to be socially responsible, independent, creative, self-assured, intelligent and compassionate persons who make meaningful contributions to society that will positively impact the world.

Council Oak has been and will continue to be a wonderful partner in the education of our son and we look forward to our daughter starting her matriculation next school year.