Merrionette Park Montessori School


By choosing a Montessori school rather than a kindergarten or preschool for your children, you aren’t just being a good parent, but a thoughtful one, too. The curriculum used in this educational setup is designed to encourage empathy, social justice, and most importantly, a desire to learn.

Here are some ways Montessori school differs from traditional kindergarten or preschool:

Children are immediately taught focus, independence, and order – Special classroom materials and routines support each child’s growth and their ability to learn – from adolescents to toddlers.

Each child is valued as a unique person – Montessori schools, such as Council Oak Montessori, allow children to learn at their own pace. Montessori schools realize each child is a unique individual. By allowing them to advance when they can, teachers encourage students to embrace the learning experience in a manner that encourages growth.

Children are allowed freedom but within limits – Children are naturally exuberant by nature – some more than others. Rather than snuffing out that enthusiasm, Montessori teachers set learning parameters, which make students active participants in the classroom, without losing focus.

If you are looking for a Montessori school that boasts these benefits and more near Merrionette Park, look no further than Council Oak Montessori. They have highly trained and nurturing teachers who you can see in action yourself. Change your child’s life and make sure they grow confident by enrolling them today.

Council Oak Montessori School