Orland Park Montessori School



Unlike traditional modes of teaching, the Montessori Method is rooted in the idea children are naturally inquisitive. This makes them eager learners IF they are given an environment that encourages, rather than impedes, organic learning.

Montessori does this by remaining child-focused, rather than curriculum focused, as this strategy prevents boredom and frustration – two elements that mar a one-size-fits-all teaching strategy. For example, a traditional school is based on a set teaching philosophy, which dictates everything students do. This includes the songs they are taught, to worksheets they must complete, as well as basic life skills – which may be forced, rather than encouraged, to learn.

In contrast, in a Montessori school, children are encouraged to navigate the world around them through play. That is why each activity that is part of the flexible curriculum contains elements that teach ideas and concepts from learning to counting to bathroom etiquette.

Unlike traditional kindergarten or preschool, Montessori students are not rushed from one lesson to another – whether they learn anything or not. Teachers take their time with each child and alter their teaching methods to ensure children graduate without stressing.


If you are looking for a school in Orland Park that can give your child a holistic education before graduation, choose Council Oak Montessori. Three main principles, which guide their educational program, include:

  1. Teaching content that can stand as a unified and logical whole in a child’s mind;
  2. Encouraging children to be the best version of themselves, to embrace life along with its challenges and to flourish as healthy human beings and;
  3. Ensuring education guides action through logical and holistic lessons.

Council Oak Montessori understands each child is unique and this includes their learning capabilities. Contact us at (708) 926-9720 or book a tour of the classrooms to see their dedicated teachers in action for yourself.

Council Oak Montessori School