Palos Park Montessori School


In most daycare centers and schools in Palos Park, such as kindergarten and preschool, students are forced to learn in narrow age ranges. A single class will have children who are all 3-years-old, or 2-years-old – but not both. Each year, teachers must teach a whole new class of students.

This is far from what the Montessori Method teaches – and for good reason. In a Montessori school, children remain with the same teacher for 18 months and a single class will include mixed aged children from toddlers to 3-year-olds.

This is intended to motivate students to learn and explore without judgment. By playing and working with children who are younger or older than them, students learn advances social and leadership skills, which lead to the following:

  • A long term and trusting relationship between them and their teachers and parents;
  • Peer-to-peer learning opportunities for faster social development and;
  • Opportunities for children to challenge themselves according to their capabilities.

The last point is especially important as it addresses the fact each child’s cognitive, social, and emotional needs are different. One child may be a strong reader, while another may be good at mathematics or artwork.

At Council Oak Montessori, teachers provide materials, which can encourage all students to learn independently in their own zone of proximate development. This is that magical point in a child’s education when they encounter a challenge difficult enough, they must stretch for it, but not impossible to overcome. Enroll your child at Council Oak Montessori to see this concept in action or schedule a tour.

Council Oak Montessori School