Parent Testimonials

My 5 year old son was at council oak from 2021-2022. He loved each and every single day he was there! It was reassuring for me to see that as it was his first school experience. The teachers there were very attentive to his individual needs and customized his learning environment to suit those needs. We were very happy with our time at council oaks and would highly recommend the school.

Shefali Meghpara
Parent of student in Children’s House.

Came to to give praise to Council Oak Montessori School and their entire staff. My 7 year old has been attending there since she was 3 years old. She has some learning difficulties and they help her thrive there. She can go at her own pace and explore areas of work that she has strength in. Now my younger daughter will be starting her 2nd year there and seeing what she can accomplish at age 4 is amazing. The teachers give the kids many opportunities to let them shine in a number of areas that public schools just do not tackle. Cursive, sewing, gardening, cooking, and each student from preschool - 8th grade have a hand in making the yearly play production a great success.

Meaghan Elizabeth
Parent of student in Children’s House.

I can’t say enough about Council Oak. I believe every child that attends Council Oak comes out with the right tools for not only high school but life. I was one of the first to graduates to come out of Council Oak and as an adult with a child of my own there was never a second option for my son. He had to be a Montessori kid. Council Oak is not just a school it’s a family where students and teachers take care of each other. It’s a close knit family that cultivates life skills that children will will never forget. The way my child communicates and resolves problems in and out of school is all credited to the Council Oak. I could not be more proud to say I have a Montessori kid that is ready for high school. Ready for whatever life brings his way. These children are gems when they are released into the world. They stand out ! Let’s get more of them out there.

Michael Tucker
Parent of student in Children’s House.

My family loves Council Oak Montessori School. Since attending COMS, my child has become more of an independent thinker, more outgoing, more of a critical thinking and an great communicator. The staff is so caring and treats every child with respect. The way that the school handled the protocol during the pandemic was nothing short of amazing! The COMs community is like being in one big family.

A Jordan
Parent of student in Children’s House.

This was my child’s first year going to the school I have seen so much growth and independence in my daughter she is coming out of her shell and becoming a leader. COMS helps in socialization skills they give that one to one attention. They work together having fun learning hands on etc. I love that it is close knit like a family. My daughter looks forward going everyday to school she says she loves it . The staff that works here is phenomenal very professional, understanding and compassionate. I look forward in continuing my child’s education here. I’m glad i chose COMS.

Nicole Williams (NikkiNicoleArtistry)
Parent of student in Children’s House.

Our family searched for nearly a year with hopes of finding a quality education for our daughter. After touring Council Oak Montessori School, we knew immediately it was a mirrored fit for her. It radiates a welcoming environment and the faculty are special individuals who are passionate about educating and preparing children for greatness. Our daughter loves it here!

G. Ferrell
Parent of a children’s house student.

At COMS, my children explore everything from science, math, and writing to music, gardening, and cooking to social justice and outdoor education. Even as they enter adolescence, they continue to have a sense of wonder and curiosity about their education.

R. Kaffer
Parent of students in Upper El and Middle School

I have been with Council Oak for ten years. I have one that graduated in 2015. She maintains straight A’s and honors in high school. I thank the staff all the time for what they did in guiding her. It’s not just a community, it’s a family. I have one more in Middle School. It hasn’t been easy but they always know what’s been good for him. He loves this family. When he needs help all the staff are behind him and my family. So happy in finding this family 10 years ago.

C. Castaneda
Grandparent of a Middle School student

This is our daughter’s first year of pre-school in Children’s House, which has been a major transition for her.  I love the collaboration, professionalism, and partnership with the faculty, everyone is sincere and has shown a genuine passion and interest in our daughter and her development. She has become more independent, and the emphasis on practical life skills has made an enormous impact on our day to day lives. Our daughter loves her school, teacher and new friends.

K Horton
Parent of a student in Children’s House

Council Oak Montessori School is absolutely amazing. My son comes home every day, excited and eager to tell me all the things he learned. The staff/teachers are incredible beyond words. Council Oak Montessori School is more than just a school, it’s a community, a family, a warm environment for your child to flourish in. I’m so happy that my family is part of this school and yours will be too.

L. Dobilaitis
Parent of a student in Lower Elementary

Council Oak has given my daughter the greatest and most rewarding experience in Montessori education.  I remember bringing her to COMS 9 years ago when she was only 4 years old, and I have seen her flourish academically and socially. The family atmosphere has always been a draw for me and only gets better. In addition to the fabulous education available at COMS, the personal touch comes from having a principal and staff who genuinely cares about the students and their well-being, even outside of the classroom. I’m so glad we are a part of the COMS family!

K. Gamble
Parent of a Middle School graduate 2018

Two of my children have been attending Council Oak Montessori since Children’s House.  Both starting at around age 4, they are now ages 10 and 13.  Council Oak Montessori School is more than just a center for education, it is our children’s home away from home.  The love and devotion for the entire staff along with the dedication from the parents forms a community unlike one I’ve ever experienced before in a school setting. Personally, professionally and educationally, we have been through so much as a family during these years. We could always count on COMS to support us while continuing to ensure our children have the educational foundations along with the most important foundations so badly needed in this world: patience, understanding, empathy and responsibility. Educationally, our children learn both at their own paces and using their own methods guided by Montessori principles.  What works for one of our children doesn’t work for the other, but COMS adapts to each and they are thriving as a result. We do believe, if in a different educational setting, they would not fare as well. Maria Montessori tells us that in order “to assist a child we must provide him with an environment which will enable him to develop freely.”  My Husband and I truly believe that Council Oak Montessori school is the environment our children need and should continue to be involved in. We LOVE COMS!

Butler - Del Rio
Parent of students in Upper Elementary and Middle School

My child’s anxiety is gone! Council Oak is a sigh of relief.  She came from kindergarten at a magnet school in which the children were unfriendly and there was information thrown at her without providing a conceptual understanding.  She is overjoyed to go to school and is proud of the things that she is learning.  On Parent Night, I was blown away at the demonstrations of how mathematics is learned.  The staff takes pride in the school and the family involvement is unbelievable. I feel as if we are a part of a new family and we are thankful!

Parent of student in Lower Elementary

Enrolling my children in COMS has been an amazing experience for my children and family!  I have children in both Children’s House and Lower Elementary and can say that both are learning and thriving through the Montessori method. The teachers and staff at COMS are knowledgeable, professional and caring. And the COMS community is like extended family.  We are so lucky to have this hidden gem in our neighborhood!

Parent of Lower Elementary students

For three years Council Oak has been a tremendous partner in our child’s education and development! What a weighty decision; Who do I trust to help educate, socialize and nurture my child for 30+ hours a week?  Council Oak is about more than just science, geography, reading, writing, English, math, etc.  In this community the whole child is cared for.  They encourage critical thinking – it’s ok to ask why. They encourage the concept of community – your actions affect others. They encourage creative problem solving – you will remember the solution more readily if you figure it out on your own.  They encourage peer to peer learning – I too am a teacher, even as a child!  Academic excellence and nurturing the whole child are not mutually exclusive and can be found at Council Oak Montessori School. We are raising our children to be socially responsible, independent, creative, self-assured, intelligent and compassionate persons who make meaningful contributions to society that will positively impact the world. Council Oak has been and will continue to be a wonderful partner in the education of our son and we look forward to our daughter starting her matriculation next school year.

C & J Nettles
Parents of students in Children’s House and Lower Elementary

Council Oak Montessori is a superb close knit community. My child began his education at the Children’s House level and is now in Upper Elementary. Year after year, he continues to amaze me with the things that he has learned. If you are seeking a school, that supports individuality, does not limit a student’s academic growth, embodies a nurturing staff, look no further than COMS! You will not be disappointed. My son who is now a COMS middle school student loves his school hands down! Each morning he is eager to attend school and on the weekends and summer break he is more anxious to get back to school. The teachers are wonderful, the student body is diverse and the opportunities are limitless.

Parent of a student in Upper Elementary

Finally, here at Council Oak our daughter feels like she belongs! The entire atmosphere here is welcoming, inviting and safe which are all important attributes to the quality education COMS provides. We’re happy and our daughter looks forward to going to school every day!  We’ve seen positive changes in her behavior and advancements in her education.  We wish we had enrolled our daughter here years ago,  and are glad she’s here now.

Martin S.
Parent of a Middle School student

My three kids have been attending Council Oak Montessori School for the last 5 years. It is the only school they have known, and we are proud and blessed to be a part of the COMS family. The teachers and directors are very diligent, and the school is run very professionally. Apart from the outstanding education, our kids have gained the values of empathy, compassion, unity, and brotherhood in the COMS environment. The biggest positive for me is that all three kids look forward to going to school every day. We couldn’t have asked for a more nurturing school than COMS for our kids to attend every day.

Z Baig
Parent of students Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary

I’ve been struck by my personal relationships with the students, staff and faculty of Council Oak Montessori, through participation in community events, after school clubs and the like. I’ve noticed in the kids a deep confidence, tempered by respect and friendliness. The Council Oak students I’ve met look adults in the eyes, speak directly to them, and at the same time they listen to what those adults have to day and maintain a pleasant demeanor. Clearly Council Oak is teaching its students to treat others with dignity, while at the same time maintaining and seeing their own dignity.

J Sweeney
Parent of a student in Upper Elementary

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